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“I would replace the rub I’ve been using with yours all day. Your chicken & pork rub was very tasty. I used it on chicken. My girls and I really liked it. I would buy that all day long.”

Eric Oregon
Denver, Colorado

"Your rubs are ridiculously delicious!! I never eat the fat on pork and I did tonight. We also sprinkled your pork rub over vegetables and mixed with sour cream for a baked potato bar. Bexten's Best is the bomb!!"

Kim Langenderfer
Toledo, Ohio

"I've been making my own rubs and sauces for over 10 years and your rubs are the best!"

Dave Ortiz
Roseburg, Oregon

"I've tried all of your rubs and each one of them have a very powerful fresh flavor that is amazing. You have a winner here!"

Derek Hartsel
Dundee, Michigan

"We tried your rubs out on our entire family and everybody loved them! Awesome flavor!"

Jenn Vanderver
Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Bexten's Best rubs have an amazing flavor and adds a nice color as well! His rib rub is my absolute favorite and is HUGE in flavor!!"

Chris Vidasi
Palm Springs, California

"I've been using name brand commercial rubs for years, until now. These rubs are mind-blowing! The scrumptious flavor of each and every one of them is very savory, distinctive and enjoyable. Never again will I buy another commercial rub. I'm hooked on Bexten's Best!"

Danielle Schettler
Britton, Michigan